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The partnership that became GEIGER CONRAD & HEAD LLP was formed in January 2009 by attorneys James A. Geiger, Matthew W. Conrad and Michael D. Head.  While the law firm may be relatively new, Jamie, Matt and Michael are no strangers to the law or the courtroom:  Between them, they have over 20 years of legal experience.  In addition, while possessing unique and diverse educational and professional backgrounds, Jamie, Matt and Michael share a common belief in a client-focused approach to the law.  It was this shared philosophy that brought them together, and it is this shared philosophy that still guides their law practice today.

GCH is proud to announce that attorney Paul E. Surowiak joined the firm in an Of Counsel capacity in August 2009.

The Indiana attorneys of GCH are ready to tackle whatever legal problems you may be facing.  Give us a call (317.608.0798) or click today and see how we can help.   

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