What to Do When Your Vehicle is Wrongly Towed

legalSometimes we find ourselves in the receiving end of an illegal car truck towing practice. Your car can be taken wrongfully; you may have packed far from a fire lane and away from an entrance or exit. Additionally, the storage facility might have charged you more than required. So, in such cases, what are you supposed to do to retrieve your car? In case of illegal charges, how can you get your money back? The following is a four-step procedure that will help you deal with a wrongful car truck towing.

1.      Preserve the Evidence

If you need to follow up the matter, then you will have to keep the evidence at the towing scene. If you return to find your car has been taken, look for any vindictive signs that will show that you were in the right place. For instance, find signs that present the area as a public parking site. You can capture these writings using a camera. Also, take the pictures of the exact place where you had packed your car. If you can get witnesses, the better. Do not forget to note the time of parking and that of returning.

2.      Get back your Car

If you find a sign that has a designated number, call it. If you don’t see one, do not hesitate to call the police. The law states that the storage facilities should report to the police not more than two hours after the confiscation. Now you need to pick your car; do it politely. You might be needed to append your signature on some forms, remember to read all the details. If you pay the required fee, you should be able to get your vehicle. On the form you are supposed to sign, avoid any clause that prevents you from seeking any related damages.

3.      Examine the Legal Requirements and Understand the Legality of the Tow

justiceMost people will complain that at the time their car was taken away, there was no sign to indicate whether it is a public parking or not. This might be a valid complaint, but there no guarantees that you will win such a case. Ideally, a sign must be present. The absence of one leaves a gap that only the court can determine; most probably through the principle of precedence. Additionally, a phone number should always be present in case you find your car has been towed.


4.      Seek Justice

If you think that your car was wrongfully towed, file a complaint in court. The case will be classified as justice of the peace so there is a high likelihood you will get a fair shake. This hearing must be done within 14 days of the wrongful tow. Remember the procedures for filing a civil case. There are two possible outcomes of the court case: if there was a logical cause for the tow and if the charges were above the set limit. After the court makes a judgment that favors you, do not forget to involve your insurance company in case there was any damage.

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