Essential Towing Laws You Need to Know

law and orderUnless you call a professional towing service, the act of individually towing another car behind you might sound in like a simple operation, but in principle, it isn’t.  If you ever towed another vehicle, you should have a testimony that it is not very easy. There exists all sorts of reasons people may want to use their cars for towing purposes, and mostly this happens during the summer when caravans, jet skis, and boats come out.

Whether you are towing a caravan, a towing trailer or a car, the rules of towing are based on driving license entitlements, towing capacity, towing height and the vehicle being towed. Beyond the basic towing responsibilities, you should ensure that your driving skills are top notch and up to the job.


Trailer Towing Entitlements

Before you can engage in towing services, you need to have a full driving license to tow any trailers that weight at least 8.25 tonnes. The MAM- Maximum Authorized Mass means that you are pretty covered for most things, including 4x4s or even vans pulling hefty boats and caravans. If you need to pull a trailer that is more than 750kgs, you need to have a post-1997 driving license. If you have a post-1997 license and want to upgrade your trailer entitlements, there is an additional test for car and trailer test you need to do, what is called BE test.


Vehicle Towing Capacities

It is imperative you comprehend the limitations of your trailer can handle, and whether your load will have any restrictions or limitations on your trailer or the law. You need to have all necessary information to ensure you are on the right side of the law before you hit the road. The recently built trailers are all required to have plates showing their weight and loading information. You need to know the weight of the trailer pushing down on the tow bar and determine the weight distribution between tow bar and nose weight.

Towing Regulations

In addition to taking the advice of weights and capacities, there are different rules and regulations you have to adhere to when towing a trailer. The first relates to trailer width and height. The maximum width of any trailer is 2.55mm while the maximum length is 7m. You should also use approved tow bars. When it comes to towing mirrors, the view of your trailer must be adequate. For trailer brakes, the braking system must be fitted and be in good working order. The trailer lighting must have two red sidelights, amber indicator, two red brake lights and a pair of triangular red reflectors.

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